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A Flurry of Limbs

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"...and i am you and what i see is me...."
addicts, aesthetic preoccupation, alone-time, ambiguity, andy goldsworthy, ani difranco, anne sexton, antagonizing, anticon, art, avant garde, beat writers, beethoven, being nerdy, being pretentious, ben shahn, bob dylan, bongwater shots, bowie's crotch-pants, bubbly water, calling out sick, calvin and hobbes, cheese, chopin, cities, city of lost children, clouddead, cognitive sociology, colors, confiding in glass penguins, contradictions, crossword puzzles, damn commies, daydreaming, dostoevsky's ranting, double entendres, dramaturgy, drinking alone, existentialism, falling down, fauvism, female vocalists, feminism, frida kahlo, funny faces, gender, gettin it on, goldfrapp, grad school dreaming, hands, harm-reduction policies, heathers, homelessness advocacy, ineffable experience, james' stream of consciousness, jingly earrings, joe grange, john cusack, kay jamison, landlords-be-gone, laughers, laughing, leonard cohen, looking for too long, lost, lynch on ludes moods, magnetic fields, making art, making faces in mirrors, making people uncomfortable, malapropisms, mashed potatoes, medical sociology, mental disorders, milan kundera, mmmm...calcium chews, mogwai, mono, ms.v.woolf, my delicate unmentionables, my fat cat, my mental disorders, nerds, neruda, neurology, nico, nightwish, nostalgia, not mustaches ever, nutcases, other stuff, pain-plus-time-equals-comedy, people-watching, phillip glass, philosophy of mind, pj harvey, plath, platonism after dark, playing mind games, post-rock, postmodernist play, pragmatism-kinda, pretending, public vs private self, raw, reading, renaissance art, rilke, rock n' roll, sage francis, salman rushdie, schizopolis, screamers, seret chiefs 3, shitty punk-rock-for-fun, sigur ros, silence, silliness or else, silver mt. zion, singing while walking alone, skipping, sleepytime gorilla museum, social constructionism, social work, sociological imagination, sometimes-the-sun, sonic youth, sound of handshake clapping, spinoza's monism, stereolab, stoners, strangers with candy, structure vs agency, symbolic interactionism, that hot chick, that time, the dude, the illusion of grace, tripping, twitchiness, unbearable lightness of being, uniquely-me elitism, uppers, velvet underground, voyeurism, white chocolate, wine-by-the-bottle, woody allen, words, writing