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21 September 2006 @ 12:11 am
outreach, or inreach--  
lately i've been hanging out in front of maine medical late at night. this is where and when the true opportunities for meeting and interacting with human beings take place. just talked to kurt, who's wife of a week is presently in surgery for a grapefruit-sized ovarian cyst. people will talk, really speak from their source, with trembling styrofoam cups of black coffee and just-started-again cigarettes, lit and re-lit in the clumsy breezes of early fall.
they will tell you how quickly and intensely they realize what really matters in their lives and how much their love has jumped out,pulled them out and flagged them down, from under the dormant dull casings of everyday hubris, moment-to-moment myopia, burrowed under the easy mudslides of non-communication that threatened eventual total erosion---
and the necessity of mental and emotional persistence born from such vulnerablity renews some of my own hope in the possibilities of people, of better people, sharing themselves with me, of myself sharing with the raw people of the night, these nights, someday a better night for me.
someday a raw person for me.