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06 July 2006 @ 06:01 pm
you, over there..the asshole of assholes  
to the motherfucker of all motherfuckers,
you didn't have to put a yellow piece of metal on my car's tire. you didn't have to do anything to my car.
there was no need to get out of your car to provoke such a flagrant act of horror onto my car.
there's been an easy, unspoken agreement between me and the guys, your guys...and we all know that my green car lives on hill street, and it's ok if it doesn't get moved hourly. we've all known this for some time now.
i hate you.
a lot.
145 dollars of hate.
no, my hate can't be quantified, especially since this is credit card quantification and it mostly means i have maxed out another card and in my stormy sea of debt this exists as only a surfer's wave of punishment.
i know people.
i have a client who was a bill collector for the hell's angels for 10 years. he's gonna hurt you. i know because i asked him. it's ok that it violates staff/client relationship. it's ok because he said yes with the wide, knowing grin of a guy who can hit other guy's legs with baseball bats and not look back.
oh yeahh, i'll redefine "boot" for you. (ok, that was dumb)

i hope to kick you while you're down,